Tuesday, December 22, 2009

in my face

this week i am back on track. monday i ran an easy 6 miles (yeah, easy!) and today i ran about 4.5. it was great, considering the week prior i ran 6 measly miles in all.

we finaly got cold weather that added a little something new to these runs. monday i guess it was about mid 50s. nice and totally tolerable.

except for my face.

when i got home from monday's hour long run i could totally feel the wind chapped skin. it was nice and red too.

before this mornings run i went to grab some of my anti-chaffing gel and smeared that stuff all over my face to give it some protection from the cold. while doing that i noticed every area of senstive skin (eyes, chin, nose) were all totally pealing from the yesterday's activities. ick.

so now i am on total moisture patrol .

but if that's my biggest complaint with all this running... i'll gladly take it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

reasons to HATE the treadmill (AKA Katie takes her slacking out on the treadmill and whines

ohhh this week has been one of minor motivation. for some of the following reasons:
  1. rainy
  2. tired
  3. not wanting to get out of bed in the AM
  4. nice new distractions that running just can't compete with
i have only worked out twice this week so far. but the two that i have had were both on the treadmill for about 30 minutes each with some interval work thrown in there-- followed by some core work outs. but it is amazing what an aversion to treadmill i have developed in the last few weeks. i haaaaaaate it.

so boring. and the whole time i find myself wanting to jump off. sometimes i get a bit of a surge, but usually short lived. and this AM my ipod was not charged but luckily got it to last for 25 minutes. bleeeeeh.

the only thing that keeps me somewhat occupied is ESPN so I can catch up on all the games i am missing from not having cable.

tomorrow AM will be a long run- hopefully another 8- 10 miles.... whether permitting.

rain rain go away. i need to get my ass outside.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reasons to love the treadmill

3 miles ain't as tough as it used to be, but some days, running around the duckhood is still a challenge. Today-reasons why I wished I was on a treadmill:

Is it raining? Yes.
Is it really raining? No.
Water fountain at NE Park clogged up, presumably from Extreme Home Makeover nonsense.
Garmin had a dead battery; what's my pace anyway?
2 D-bags riding their bikes on the sidewalk, the wrong way, tell me to "Get the hell out of the way"
Is it raining? Yes.
Garbage truck drivers
Awkward and obligatory conversation with neighbor

Pack all that into a quick 3 miler, and I'm daydreaming about the hum of the treadmill's belt. Moving my training schedule around to avoid trash days is an option, and running in the evenings is looking better and better.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


today i ran 10 miles!!! woooo!!!

did it in about 1:42 so not toooooo shabby.. just a little over a 10 minute mile pace.
now i also learned a few good lessons along the way on this run.. and once remedied, i should be able to run a bit faster.


this i how the beginning of my ran began, trying my first GU gel. i thought orange flavor might be closer to Gatorade but i was wrong. had i adopted my next method of getting this stuff down it might have been better.

this strategy came along while running with vanilla. i would squeeze that packet (which was all nice and warm as it was stuffed in my sports bra) and then swished it around with water to get down. in this pic i did them separately. YUCK.

but whatev. i got it down. the vanilla i just "babysat" it over about 3 miles i know for sure i cannto down a whole package in one take. it's gotta go down nice a slow.

GU Part 2

If you stash Gu in your bra- make sure it is in the middle so it doesn't not stab your breast till it looks like you had some work done. when i got in the shower post run my chest was stinging so bad. i looked down and it looks like was continuously jabbed with the edge of the GU packet.. which is maybe aluminum .. but yeah OUCH.


at the end of my run my left foot was killing me. i thought i had maybe slightly fractured a bone or something.. just pain like i never had before.

when i got home i realized i ran WITH MISMATCHED SHOES!!!!

so make sure you aren't wearing your old pair- or half of one.

this is the actual course i took today. i went south instead of north on my usual Broadwalk route because it was cloudy and super windy.. so i chickened out and chose to run away from the rain and wind.

when i was getting close to home i had to circle around a bit to get to my goal of ten. i was determined to get to 10 damn miles. esp since when i was at about 4 i was hoping just for 8.

i'm already feeling it a bit in my calves. hoping i can walk tomorrow. but it was worth it!

Friday, December 11, 2009

the first big oooowwwwie

today i had my first - OH MY GOD I AM IN PAIN- moment during my run. i had about a mile left of my 5 mile run- and this god awful cramp/pain came 100% ...

felt like someone was stabbing my rib. i ran for as long as i could. but had to stop for about a minute or so. the pain subsided a bit and then i kept going at a slower pace.

not really sure what caused it- i did had a few nibbles of frozen banana before i left the house. but can't imagine it made my side hurt that bad. ....probably a bad side stitch....

but i do think i just CANNOT eat before a run. i need AT LEAST an hour head start with food.

i am going to try some gel/goo during my long run tomorrow. i hope it doesn't cause the same effect.


Monday, December 7, 2009

happy 30th mindy!!!

i think this is a dude on this cake. but you know - it's cute. and you're cuter. and 30. and a runner!!

i remember the first b'day we spent together. we were learning how to crochet. now we are running miles after miles!!!

loves it. and love you!!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

remember, she aint no quitter

Sarah Palin Quits Turkey Trot 5K Race In Kennewick, Washington

Sarah Palin dropped out of a 5k race on Thanksgiving Day in Kennewick, Wash. The former vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor quit the race because she wanted to avoid the crowds that were waiting for her at the end, according to The Tri-Cities Herald.

Palin was 1 of about 3,000 participants. The paper reported that her presence drew a "mass of onlookers." Palin announced that she would be running the race on Twitter.

The former Republican vice-presidential candidate visited nearby Richland, Wash., to spend the holiday with relatives. She said it's good to be back in the Tri-Cities to reconnect with "the roots." Her grandparents, Clem and Helen Sheeran, came to Richland in 1943.

Friday, November 27, 2009

hot synthetics

mindy- by the way you lookin mighty cute in that spandex.

never looked better!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

half of a half

our turkey trot 10k has come and gone. this is my take on it!


the night before i hung out with my fellow racer, uncle chucky, and dined on red wine, oysters and jambalaya. it was awesome. however, the last time i ate such food probably was two thanksgivings ago. luckily, i had no effects the next day. the thought of day old seafood revisiting me during a run is something a bit terrifying.

me and uncle chucky post race


my prep started at 6AM when i got up and noticed i had a cough with some congestion. uh oh. i luckily was able to score tussin of some sort to go along with my oatmeal with walnuts and raisins.

the night before i neatly laid out all of my running gear and was able to get ready quickly.
  • pants
  • top/sports bra/red hoody
  • ipod/headphones/holster/nike fit
  • heart rate monitor/watch
  • shoes/socks


i arrived to the race at 730. mid 50s. humid. chilly. i was relieved at the lack of rain as i waited for the rest of my crew- mindy lu, annie and uncle chucky.

when mindy arrived i ran to give her a big ol hug. it was totally awesome to see her!! this was the first time i have seen her in - at least- a year. it was a great first hug.

we made our way to starting line and hung out in the back. as i was tinkering with the gadgets strapped onto me and making pre-race small talk - out of nowhere- we were off. not much of a heads up or any loud noise indicating the race had begun.


we all started side by side, my uncle cracking jokes about getting a room at the local hospital- and mindy and i laughing just at the fact we had made it this far. we were runners. but most laughter came from the fact that we were jamming out to lil wayne and abba at the start of our race.

eventually, we all got our own pace and slowly separated.


tuesday i bought new padded inserts for my shoes and had not had a chance to break them in till the race. not the best idea. my feet were a bit burning the first few miles in addition to tight calves. i usually am pretty miserable to first few miles but that day was like no other.

the terrain was not my favorite. it was almost ALL TRAILS. the route had lots of turns and tight areas with not a lot of passing room and wet mud trenches -making everyone look at the ground while running instead of the lovely foliage that was surrounding us.

the route

about half way into the race i saw a deer maybe 50 feet away that was injured and kept trying to jump over a chain link fence. however, it never made it over the fence and kept ramming its face into the fence causing it to bleed more and more. my hand covered my mouth in shock of this crazy man vs nature event. you could tell other runners had the same dilemma of "do i help or keep going?"

we kept going.

right after that - my right food landed right in a nice pile of mud - i was in at least 3-4 inches deep. ahhhhh. keep going......


the last few miles was void of any real craziness which allowed my runner's high to finally set in.

i would pick small goals along the way (people) and make it my goal to pass them. the mother with the stroller, the guy with one arm, the gal who was my age- pass, pass, pass. it was awesome to be near the end, going faster, while feeling awesome like i could go for miles and miles more.

when i saw mile five that was it. i went to my go to britney tune and bolted. getting my pace under a 10 minute mile i was banging it out. i crossed the finish line at 1 hour 6 minutes. we didn't have chips to get the exact time- so i'm pretty certain i can shave off 30 seconds. also, the distractions of the course added a minute or so as well.

overall, it was a great race and day. so glad to see mindy and celebrate half way thru our training.

we ran half of our half- and just 60 more days to the whole half!

team 13.1 katie, mindy, annie-- still looking hot after 6.2 miles

Run Katie Run!

Our Turkey Trot is in a few hours! Race day jitters are kicking in. Last night, I made a list last night of things to do this morning. Would you believe I wrote "Get Dressed"????
As to not embarrass myself I suppose!

I can't wait to see you Katie Poo! Its been so long; I can't remember the last time.
I'm thankful to have an old friend to run with today!
See you soon.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Starting of the Bucket List

My big 3-0 is only a few days away and its got me thinking. What are my goals for the next decade? the next 5 years? the next year? My education & career is central to my plans and dreams. The rest of my plans are orbiting around acupuncture and herbs.

Here's what I'm working on:

By 31-at least 2 half marathon (Miami and maybe one in the fall) 10 minute mile (or faster!)consistently

By Graduation (January 2012)-a marathon! a century bike ride!
The century bike ride is by far more daunting than a marathon. I could run for 5 hours, but I'm not sure I could sit on a bike and pedal for that long. The right bike is a must; maybe a graduation present to myself?

By 35-IRONMAN. I really want to do an Ironman. Once I do my first marathon, I'll feel confident enough to start training. The conflict comes with the seeming opposition to my career goals. I want to focus 100% on my practice. I can't decide if training for an Ironman would be a distraction or help me push my limits & stay focused. While the next few years unfold, I'll have a better idea.

The looming 3-0

I'll be 30 soon. Real soon. 2 weeks, and a day. Last December, I made a list of To-Dos before the end of my 29s. Run a 10K (I'll check that off on Thursday), get a kitten (Pepita!) and get a(nother) tattoo. Visit Fab in Denver was on the list too. I didn't get there, due to some non-list items that happened-mainly starting Acupuncture school and my lil' sis having a baby.

This year, I'm going to make a delineated list: one year, post graduation (2 years) and five years. A biggie (after graduation and getting licensed) is to do an Ironman! This maybe the first time I've expressed this idea; its a big word to wrap my mouth around. Ironman! By 35. Sounds good.

My school work is priority right now, and while I will continue to train for shorter events, tackling an Ironman must wait a few years. AND I'll be better fit to take it on!

I'll be working on that list and post it by New Years! Happy Monday.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

retro lu and poo

this is us WAYYYYY before (circa 2005-2007 pics here).... neither of us were runners at this point. we would run to el indio for some awesome tacos. but that's about it.

maggie got married

pretty sure we were singing "hurts so good" by john cougar

mindy gave me a brownie for my birthday!

party at my old apt

a little busted but cute

we like to party (reunion with fab and tara)

major partying off the green line...dc!!

very excited to see what our racing pics will look like--- two years after this hotness.


Its raining. So, instead of running, I decided to blog. The radar shows the rain clearing up by 2PM. Fingers crossed! Otherwise, I'll be on the dreadmill for a bit; there is no running in this rain boys and girls. Its coming down. Photobucket

Last 3 or 4 runs, I've been struck with the side stitch. Unusual that after a year of running and a triathlon, this symptom begins. I've developed a few theories of why this is happening, when its happening and through some trouble shooting and trial and error, I'm going to get this resolved. The 10K Thursday will be mentally, spiritually and physically dreadful if this continues. My run today will be an indicator if I'm heading in the right direction.

Coffee time.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

taking the scenic route

today i had another 8 mile run. it all went well. my calves were sore the first 15 minutes or so - but eventually went away.

there were a lot or runners out today and i had some moments of wanting to compare myself to them- their speed, pace, how much of a runner they looked like ( do i?) etc.... luckily i was able to nip that in the bud real fast as i quickly realized the only person i had to be concerned with while running was me. and so i focused on my own pace and gait- and let my brain just go. (i made britney's new song my new "powersong" on my nike fit. you can see how often i used it here. LOL.

after a run i sometimes try to remember what the hell i thought about for almost an hour and a half of running. i think it usually consist of what am i going to do after this run, i'm hungry, what will it feel like when i run 13.1 miles..... but with my new route on the hollywood broadwalk - i have a lot more people watching, the ocean, and other things to explore... which are great distractions to make time go...
  • i saw a couple getting their engagement photos taken - made me think if i ever wanted that
  • saw a prayer circle group on the beach- made me think i still am sure i don't want that
  • the smell of breakfast food from the outdoor cafes (best smell on earth)
  • realized how much i love living in hollywood
  • got annoyed when fellow runners didn't smile back at me
  • had a lil ego boost when people that i had passed before gave me a second look- yesiamstillrunning!

some views of my path (stolen from google)....

but i am still in awe of what i have accomplished so far. i am very excited for thursdays 10k with mindy. we both have been working hard and it will be nice to finally train/race together.

i may attempt to do my sunday spin class- but only if i feel my legs can handle it. the last two days have been pretty hard on my legs. but starting monday i am cutting back to be nice and rested to kick that 10ks ass... and then eatwhateveriwantonthanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009

fessing up

it gets better and better

1. i downloaded the new britney song, 3
2. illegally
3. i played it during my 30 minute if intervals
4. the whole time non stop

i aint ashamed. you all know that is some poppy peppy stuff to get your ass moving! i was moving like-the-wind.

brit is looking pretty good....but i'm pretty sure i can run father that her.. hahahahahahahaha

attempting another 8 miler tomorrow in the am!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I think this morning was the coldest run so far.
Not so bad, unless the wind is blowing into my face.

"Against the wind...."

Sunday, November 15, 2009

5 miles on a Sunday morning

A run of firsts:

First "long" run
First run with Body Glide
First run with my new pants
First run on big major roads

And I'll give myself a B+ for this run. Love the BG, love the pants, LOVE running down University Ave (especially thru the Downtown Art Fest!). Running along University Ave requires me to look like I'm enjoying myself AND that I pretend to be an actual runner. Though, after running 5 miles, I pretty much feel like a real runner. I haven't ever run 5 miles before! My longest run ever!!!! WOOT! I feel ready for that Turkey Trot 10K. Estimated finish time: in the neighborhood of 1 hour. My pace today was 12mm but for race day, I gotta kick it up.
12mm is a nice, enjoyable pace for me on a Sunday run. Traditional training wisdom indicates a taper/rest week next week, pre 10K. My short runs will still be short, while my long run is only 3 miles. I might do 4, just to get some extra time on my feet, and help quell my nerves about the 10K.

At the last half mile of my run, I got a wicked stitch in my side. What's up with that?
I'm going to look into why this happened, and what I can do to NOT experience it again.

One last note: ISR podcast propelled me through the last mile and a half today. Thank you ISR.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

8 is great!!

after a week of birthday binge - i up early for a 6 mile run to get back on my training schedule.

this morning i took my first trip over the bridge onto the beachside and ran down the hollywood broadwalk (not boardwalk). there were tons of people out at 7am with me running, biking, walking, beaching, i felt like i had my own running group. definitley was a great motivator to have all those people around. and the view was fantastic. sun was shining and the weather was prob about 65 degrees. a-maaaaaa- zing.

but due to lack of road signs i ended up running about 8 miles in an 1 hour and 21 minutes! when i was done running my lil nike ipod thingy had a little message from lance armstrong saying "great job this is your longest work out yet" boy did i feel special... haha.. of course the damn thing didnt save to work out. go figure.

but break that down and you got about a 10 min miles pace. the best part was the when i got home i knew i could have kept on going - but my knees were starting to ask for a break. my feet did do the whole lets fall asleep thing btu after an hour it went away. so i have just have had to become mentally tough and run thru it- but i am def going to look into some support inserts for the already expensive Cadillacs i got on my feet

but now i am afraid im going to have to buy some fanny-packesque carrier for some h20 and gels now that im over an hour. totally running hotness.

santigolds "unstoppbale" came on right after my work out ended for the victory stretch.

Friday, November 13, 2009

27 and counting

yesterday i turned 27 and never in my life have i been in such great shape. i think just aobut every year i have some goal (to be thinner, more in shape, etc....) by my birthday and never seem to really get there. but this year i can say i did. and a lot of it has to do with my training. i'm in all of my college skinny pants (wooo!), got some new abs, and can run my butt all around town with ease!

but this week was all birthday celebration and i let myself off the hook with my a lighter workout routine and also let my inner fat kid out - caaaaaaaake!

but now the party is OVER and after this weekend I am back on track for that 10k in two weeks.

but in other news my back MRI was NORMAL. i'm relieved that everything is fine. but now what? contemplating going to the sports med dr- but not looking forward to the $$$ of more medical bills.

but at least for now i can hit the road without worrying about damage.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

for the record

getting an MRI is like being at a shooting range in a coffin.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

messing with my mojo

now that mindy is back it seems i am having a bit of a funk of my own. and it totally took a toll on today's work out. some funny some not so funny.

1. i wore the wrong underwear. let's just say my comfy ones don't belong running sprints on the treadmill. i could feel them slowly falling down my pants.. haha. (total learning moment)

2. the man who got on the treadmill after i started SMELLED LIKE AWFUL BO! you could tell he was the type that NEVER wore it.. and i didn't want to move because it would have messed up my whole run- and i couldn't hold my nose as i usually do in smelly situations- but at that time i really needed all my oxygen. i was PISSED -- i felt the rage like that new mexico college soccer player-- i wanted to takeTAKE HIM DOWN and tell him to TAKE A DAMN SHOWER!

3. i have my MRI today for my back. I am still getting tingly feet when I run which mostly means there is some muscle nerve issues going on. so i think i will have a new doc with some physical therapy in my future.

i just hope hope hope i am not benched for this . cause no matter how poopy i get during training i really really wanna run!

will get results on friday... keep your fingers CROSSED !

Monday, November 9, 2009


Am I really supposed to run with a water belt?

I don't know if I can be that nerdy!

and I'm back!

Whew! 3 intense weeks of full time school, working on my days off and half-marathon training makes for one pooped girl! After nearly half a dozen bad runs, I was oh-so-close to giving up on the training; I felt heavy, slow, and awkward. My erratic schedule coupled with the time change amplified my feelings of defeat.

But, I'm no quitter. I put on my Mizunos and hit the road. I decided part of my frustration was running the same streets in my neighborhood week in and week out. I headed over to campus for my 4 miler. And it was spectacular! I'm re-invigorated with running; I believe I can do this half marathon. I may not be in the front of the pack, but I will cross that finish line with a smile on my face.

Monday, November 2, 2009

the first 5k

This past Halloween morning I ran my first 5k race since training began. Wasn't anxious at all- and just tried to focus on pacing and posture.

I met by goal by crossing the finish at 29:45 - my last 5k time was 31 minutes... my goal was to get around 30.

When I went to look at the results I was shocked to see that I was 4th in my age group- out of about 20, 25-29 year olds.

I did it all at a 9:37 pace - my pace during my last 5k was about a 10 minute mile pace. So a new Katie record. I had a good time and met a trainer with the local running club- so I think after the next few weeks I will join it for the long runs over 6 miles.


Friday, October 30, 2009

thank goodness for interval training...

...because this morning some guy in a big ol truck did a nice rolling stop as soon as i was crossing an intersection and i had to move my ass FAST to not get hit.

pretty sure i got to my max heart rate this morning.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it's not the destination . . .

the last few weeks have been pretty good so far. official training started last week- but i have been running since the 10th of the month. since then i have run 40 miles. 40 MILES!

i can't believe that. i never thought i would be the runner type- or rack up that kind of mileage so fast. i have also had some other firsts since i have started:

  • gotten excited over spandex clothes (i'm a mid length pant fan myself)

  • bought socks that costs over $10 - FOR ONE PAIR!

  • said to myself- those 4 miles were easy.

  • ran 6 miles in 60 minutes - non stop!

it's also been a time where i feel as though i have really treated my body like something i am truly relying on. until now- i never thought of my body as something to help me in my everyday existence. but now i am constantly thinking about whether i am eating enough of the best foods (ie eat oatmeal and eggs every morning) and often enough; what sport supplement will i fuel myself with during runs; what exercises ans stretches will strengthen my core to help give my back and shoulders the most support- and so on and so forth...

i think for the first time i am giving my body the respect it deserves. that sounds funny to me - but that's the best way i can describe it.

but this saturday, halloween, i have a 5K to get some race practice in. i'm hoping to get in around 30 or less-- last 5k i ran it is 31 - so a ten minute mile pace. now that i am in better shape i think that that - plus the adrenaline will help me shave some time off. but if not - no big deal - as long as i finish- i'm ok with that.

in a book i read they talk about how it's not just about race day- but all the time spent preparing. and i can say- in a total after school special way - that i know i will look back at this time in training with a lot of pride and accomplishment.

( i must note i am expecting to have some poopy day posts- it can't all be this good).

but if homer can do it....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

i can't wait to run to this!

to the core

the last few weeks of "pre-training" i have noticed my abs pop just a bit. i have heard how running can get you the abs you always wanted- and now i think i'm starting to believe it.

so to continue my quest for distance- and great abs- i have been focusing my strenght training works outs on my core. to support my back/spine and rest of my body during the long runs.

my one main health concern i have during this training is my back. about 10 months ago i started to notice my feet would go numb when i would run. i thought it was shoes - but nope.

i went to my primary dr (who i did not care for) and she had an ultrasound done on my legs to check circulation. it was perfect. then she told me to go see a personal trainer. wtf?

since then every dr i have talked to has said it is probably a nerve being compressed by a disc or something like that.... i have since then made an appt with a new dr who i think will be able to help me out.

luckily it is not as bad as it once was. i think since i have been doing lots of strength training in the last 10 months my core has gotten stronger helping me keep my posture while running and possibly not causing a nerve to be pinched.

but monday's run was no fun- by mile 4 i could not feel my feet- which is really weird and just hard to keep form overall. but i think because it was post vacation (PS- i ran 8 miles in two days in cold hilly ohio!!!) i wasn't concentrating on standing upright- which i usually do.

so i have been on the hunt few good articles i found on strength training for runners. and theses in particular i came across for the core. and another here.

but i think this will help greatly- along with stretching. keep fingers crossed. i cannot imagine running 9+ miles with feet that fell like blocks of ice!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

These shoes were made for running

I love running. I love getting ready to run, tying up my Mizunoes, I love seeing Gainesville as I run. I love coming home sweaty and thirsty with a runner's high.

Instead of focusing on pace, distance, and heart rate, I want to focus on having a great time with each run. Clearly, I will track these things, and ultimately aimed to improve, but more than that, I want to enjoy my time outdoors and enjoy the feeling of running.

Running tonight was nearly perfect, and for the first time in a long time, I ran with a friend (that isn't of the canine species). We took a route that lead us past half a dozen friends' houses; a few friends hollered at us as we past. The smells of garlic and BBQ wafted through the neighborhoods as we chatted. The setting sun's white light bounced off the trees.

We ran 3 miles and I came home to my honey cooking dinner. Bliss! I'm a happy girl.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

in a rich runner's world

one more thing before my run.

i just opened up a pack of my new running socks.

here was my thought process.

1. wow - i paid $10 for socks?!?!
2. damn! only one pair?!?!?
3. this is going to be a expensive three months

performance anxiety

every night before i know i have to run- even if its just 5 miles- i get super anxious. last night i started my marathon for mortals book. it goes on how your life changes for a while during your dedication training time- i also watched an iron man rerun that i get with my new converter box- all athletic competition! so of course i had a dream last night that i was running the race and only went a short distance-- something to do with a big hat. ha.

i dont know if its the anticipation- the fear- too much reading/crazy tv competitions= i dont know- but when i'm out there i love it. and i know the work will pay off for that feeling of crossing the finish line.

so i just need to focus on that. lets see how i do this AM.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The trouble with the treadmill

is I think I'm running "SO" fast, and its "SO" easy. Then I run outside, and its a whole new ballgame.
There is sunlight blinding me, potholes to maneuver around, kids on bikes yelling at me...I could go on and on. I'm making a resolution to run at most once per week on the treadmill. I think it harms more than it helps. Bummer.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

music mania

i can not run without music. no way. no how.

i am totally excited to report that while looking for some interval training podcasts- i found an awesome podcast with running tunes- Indie Soup Runner.

They have all kinds of mixes with clever lil themes - such as Heat Stroker, Chest Chafing, and one of my faves SWEDISH INVASION- and much more. So it will be nice to have some good tunes.

Right now I am also going through my 30+ gigs of music on my lovely new hard drive to pull together all of my tunes for a mega playllist.

This is no where near the last post about music- but very excited about this initial discovery.

Friday, October 9, 2009


as mindy as shown- you can totally exude super hotness while sweating your ass off.

i'm just a little more geekie- and applied it to my new heart rate monitor/watch! now get here!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I want it!

Except for my Mizunos, all my gear is pink and black. I'm so cool.
BUT-I'll only be cooler with this hotness.

run becomes her

these words would never have been muttered from the katie and mindy 4 years ago



i'm doing 4.5



gonna TRY 5

i got it mapped out



you take walk breaks?



look at this one!




what about food? do you "gu"


its a nice watch

not yet

i have one

a sample

soeone told me not to do solids


i like it

i do PB and half banana


liquid gu for me





before you run



like 45 mins


i have to test out what i cna eat

i get cramps easy


its fun

the gu is good

for me


ill try it tomorrow

i still gotta get a water holder

what do you use?


i also have some "FRS Energy Chews" from publix

nothing yet

i read a review in runner's world.

dude tried alot and like the hand held one best





its cute!!



do it!!!

also i have one of these



its tiny. and when you race, you attach your bib to it

it holds keys, ipod, gu, money

and no bounce


is it worth $20?

can i get it cheaper?

what else do i need== lets make this a one stop shop...



i paid 20 for mine





i LOVE that belt.

check their website


i like the black and red




this has a pouch too




i want to try before i buy with those

i worry about bounching





i thought about this one


but one never knows

the reviews sometimes are so un helpful




well ill just get the pouch and watch for now

omg running is breaking my bank

but it is so worth it!



i just signed up for that turkey trot

AND soon will have to buy longer capris or pants


i know!

and my current clothes are getting too big already!

me too!


shit. i'd rather buy running clothes

how funny is that


i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh my friend ani is going to run with us too!


in miami?



she is moving back to gville from alaska

snow bird




shes rad

and a fast runner

so....she probably won't be running "WITH " us




i mean in general... little running surge there


i totally think so

i'm really getting better


you should try spin for a cross traiinng


i might

i do ride on my own

and swim

and strength

the spin people at the y are kinda nuts

so i steer clear




i'm off sugar too. today was day one

and meat

it started to sick me out

but i'm eating seafood and eggs


im cutting back but i need the protein

and im not a huge seafood person

but chicken tuna mostly


i'm getting some hemp protein powder


yeah i do whey


and trying for lentils, beans, nuts, all that




we will see

i'm not attached, but my bod doesn't want the meat right now

do you use body glide every run?


no.. i use pants right now

but someday id like to use shorts

the thighs get in the way



right me too


i got the riding up issue


what pants?


just nike knee lenght

got em at tj maxx or sometihgn

real thin





just a lil elastic


i want the brooks ones cause they ahve drawstring

just in case...


i gotta study


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

gettin' ready

so while my official traning hasn't started yet- i have still started to hit the pavement with my new shoes. the first time out with my shoes was clearly a test drive that turned into 4 miles!

i did the same run with ease on tuesday and am feeling good. today i did my cross training with my favorite spin class that is hardcore sweating the whole time- builds great endurance and leg strength.

now i have to start getting together the things i need to start the official training- so i can do this the RIGHT and SAFE way.

right now i have:
  • my sweet new shoes.
  • padded socks
  • anti-chaffing gel (did you know guys get bloody nipples from their shirts? OUCH!)

the official training will begin when i get my:

i still need:

  • water bottle carrier
  • more socks
  • heart rate monitor (mindy i am may be buying yours!)
  • more running clothes- bras and bottoms of all synthetic material- mindy does the skirt thing - i think i am more of a pant person- and shorts with the help of that gel!

tomorrow is my day off from working out- and i am hoping for a package in the mail to start the planning!


didn't even make it 3 miles this morning.

problems-dog wants to smell and pee the whole time. also, dog refuses to run in a straight line
trash day-garbage trucks and recycle trucks coming at me like i was in a video game. in front of me, behind me, at one point they were coming at me from both directions.
yard day-thomas center doing yard work. lawn clippings blowing on my sweat body and boogery yard workers staring at me
shirt-falling off my shoulder because i cut the neck like flashdance

hope tomorrow is better.
i'll have to start coordinating my runs with trash day.

part two of this post:
a bad run in the morning can lead to general frustration throughout the day.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

and we're off

Welcome to the Whole Half.

This blog will follow the training adventures of Mindy (of Gainesville, FL) and Katie (of Hollywood, FL) for their first half marathon, the ING Miami Half Marathon, which is on Januray 31, 2010.

This blog hopefully will help others as they to start to learn and train (as we too are total novices) and also provide a place for us to keep each other motivated as we are on opposite ends of the state.

To start, here is the course!