Tuesday, May 11, 2010

.....aaaaand i'm back

well it has been a crazy four months. after all that training for the half marathon i was only able to cheer on friends, which i was happy to do... just with some major jealous along the way. .... and when it was not getting better and dealing with terrible pain that would not go away ....i went to a sports medicin doctor and was diagnosed with runners knee and Iliotibial band syndrome. Lessons learned.. don't overdo it, stretch properly and don't slack on cross training!

But after doing all the webmd-ing and self diagnosing was glad to hear that surgery was not even in the picture..... i was sent to physical therapy where i was hanging out few times a week the elderly folk with broken hips and what not . . and we definitely had the exchange of "what are you in for?"

a favorite moment was lying on the work out platform doing leg lifts next to al, a 70+ snowbird, doing pelvic thrusts while we both lie on our back. awesome and awkward at the same time

while i expected lots of leg excercises and stretches. i did not expect to have my leg electrocuted. this method shocks your leg to contract your muscles which makes you tighten them (or it feels super weird) and as such, makes your muscles stronger...

but after months of stretching and strength training i have been running the past two months or so.... with the longest running being 4 miles or so.. along with some interval runs and spinning as well....trying not to overdo it this time and keep a nice balance in my workouts.

a friend of mine did a triathlon after doing the half marathon and LOVE it so much more. then i was able to witness one myself and instantly knew i had to find a race. and luckily i found one....

the Trek's Women Triahtlon ... it's a sprint triathlon so it is a 1/2mi Swim | 12mi Bike | 3.1mi Run. Definitely doable.

I think I got the running down.. just have to really focus on the bike and mostly the swim.

So my first step.. goggles... CHECK!

oh and did I mention it's at Disney Labor Day weekend? Good reason for a mini vacay!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

one week. two weeks.

one week

it's been one week since i have run. i am a pretty patient person - but waiting day by day for my leg to get better has been totally miserable and anxiety ridden.

i can totally feel the effects on not running. mostly physical - feeling like a blob/lethargic and not sleeping well. when i run i just get better night sleeps. i think i am so anxious about this whole thing -keeps me up at night in worry. i worry about - can i run the half? if i do run will it get re-injured? is this a long term thing? all that has been running through my head and most likely it isn't that bad...

but overall i just miss running. i was at the gym doing other workouts and i almost cried because i couldn't run on the treadmill. and i hate the treadmill. this is what it must like to be going thru drug withdrawal. just need a little fix.

but i have asked every doc i work with about my leg and they seem to think it is a muscular thing and not a ligament tear - or anything super serious. just has to heal up.

two weeks

pretty sure i can feel my leg getting better. i have done no physical activity whatsoever, taking meds around the clock, using heating pads and supplements 3 times a day. the supplements prob wont do much- but if has any placebo effect- i'll take that too.

if i can get back to running by next weekend i think ill be ok. not concerned about losing any endurance. just need to get back into it with 2-3 short runs before the big one.

just keep those fingers crossed.

two weeks to go.

Monday, January 11, 2010

worse break up ever

so my knee hurts. i gotta limp. i think now it's runners knee. seems common enough. but i don't know if 3 weeks is enough time to heal...... for now
  • i am trying to stay off of it as much as i can (i'm on my feet at work a lot of the day, and i live on the 3rd floor with no elelvator.. awesome.)
  • icing and elevating it
  • working out muscles that will support my knee better
  • whining like a big ass baby
i'm so used to being able to be proactive and fix things.. now i just gotta sit and wait and that will be tough for me to do

i feel like this:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

call me 10Katie and brrrrrrrrrrr

holy cow. this is what i woke up to getting ready this AMs 10k race:

i wasn't even sure if i was going to run, but since it was near my house i decided to check it out. when i got there there was a good amount of folks there. so what the hell.

within 10 minutes of getting there i knew i would be running a very long 6 miles. it was. my feet were soaked, my hands were frozen, but eventually i just went numb. there were about 50 people running and about half that in volunteers cheering us on which really helped.

there were a few people that were running ahead of me that i targeted as my 'people i am going to pass.' and i totally did. (booya)

i also had ipod issues, so i have two different runs recorded. the first half i ran 3.48 with a 9.29 mi and the second half ran 3.14 mi on with a pace of 8'59"/mi .... i think i finished around 1:10 or so... my slowest time for sure.. but i couldn't feel my hands (must by running gloves!) , wet cold shoes/feet. wow.

my hands were so numb - that i had to ask someone to unzip the pocket on my pants to get my key out. most of my fingers were non functioning.... i sat in the car for ten minutes to warm my hands up before driving home. ..... i now know what is like to to not have non-opposable thumbs.

overall i'm glad i did it. a good challenge and i got that damn pancake.

next weekend i will have one more long run and then the tapering will begin..... 22 days to go!

Friday, January 8, 2010

cold run = warm pancakes

this week i have been taking it easy.

i did an almost 11 mile run last week and it seems that i did not stretch enough afterward. my ITB band --mostly on my knew ---has been bugging me so i have been resting up, downing the anti-inflammatory meds, and stretching.

along with a slight injury it has gotten super cold here (50s in the AM) .... so the runs have been a little challenging... i did nice and easy runs on monday and wednesday and completely covered my face in my anti-chafing gel so i my face wouldn't get entirely chapped.

but i have a 10k tomorrow am. i think i will be much better. but now the temp is supposed to start to DROP tonight and will be in the low 50s and raining when we are scheduled to start. awesome.

but they are going to have miami dolphin players at the race..... and my biggest motivator, free pancakes made by some top chef contestant. mmmmm pancakes!

23 days till 13.1 . . . .

Saturday, January 2, 2010

turkey trot results

these are the results from our turkey trot on thanksgiving!


24 157 Kara Mathias F 25 0:43:51
63 50 Michele Hughes F 28 0:49:54
72 257 Laura Quintana F 27 0:50:29
73 22 Andrea Craine F 27 0:50:30
76 85 Erica Oheam F 26 0:51:03
86 144 Jessica Wesley F 26 0:52:17
87 149 Han Xu F 29 0:52:18
93 249 Jamie Baker F 27 0:52:43
108 173 Hilary Guy F 27 0:53:43
111 186 Julie McLaughlin F 25 0:53:52
127 131 Kimberly Taggart F 27 0:55:37
142 378 Kelly Sleeper F 26 0:57:19
145 232 Danielle Whittaker F 27 0:57:31
165 237 Sally Lanigan F 26 0:59:28
167 228 Allison Fischman F 25 0:59:30
171 233 Kari Floyd F 25 0:59:48
175 153 Karla Portocarrero F 28 1:00:08
176 271 Cynthia Gordon F 26 1:00:11
183 120 Susie Singer F 28 1:00:48
193 108 Rebekah Rodgers F 26 1:02:03
217 23 Jessica Darnell F 29 1:04:21
227 125 Katie Stephens F 27 1:06:07
239 260 Hillary Bess F 25 1:08:33
242 99 Emily Pickle F 28 1:09:12
253 215 Kristy Maculan F 25 1:10:31
258 38 Margaret Gaston F 28 1:10:47
274 373 Michelle Kremer F 26 1:12:48
280 112 Erin Rowland F 25 1:14:39
111 Mindy Rohrbacher F 29 1:15:40
285 279 Andrea Hayes F 26 1:16:07
294 67 Stephanie Mammino F 27 1:18:28
304 252 Katelin luddy F 25 1:23:41
306 179 Amanda Watson F 29 1:24:51
312 286 Elizabeth Worley F 27 1:26:44
314 46 Jeanne Hollomb F 26 1:27:07
315 268 Kenzie Latham F 26 1:27:17

cotton and caffeine


on the last leg of my 10+ mile run, i had a nice pit stop while the bridge was up.

now i know what all the looks were about.

that's why they say cotton is rotten.


tried this gu flavor today. it was GOOD. and not only does it have caffeine but 2x caffeine!