Monday, November 2, 2009

the first 5k

This past Halloween morning I ran my first 5k race since training began. Wasn't anxious at all- and just tried to focus on pacing and posture.

I met by goal by crossing the finish at 29:45 - my last 5k time was 31 minutes... my goal was to get around 30.

When I went to look at the results I was shocked to see that I was 4th in my age group- out of about 20, 25-29 year olds.

I did it all at a 9:37 pace - my pace during my last 5k was about a 10 minute mile pace. So a new Katie record. I had a good time and met a trainer with the local running club- so I think after the next few weeks I will join it for the long runs over 6 miles.



  1. Good job on the new PB. Keep setting yourself little goals like that and im sure you will keep getting them. Thats pretty much how i train as well. I have set routes and try and beat my time every time i go out.

    well done again.

  2. my girl!
    i've been running a lot too. i'm at about 5 miles (which is crazy for me) and i've never felt better. i really wish we lived closer. we'd have so much to do together.