Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it's not the destination . . .

the last few weeks have been pretty good so far. official training started last week- but i have been running since the 10th of the month. since then i have run 40 miles. 40 MILES!

i can't believe that. i never thought i would be the runner type- or rack up that kind of mileage so fast. i have also had some other firsts since i have started:

  • gotten excited over spandex clothes (i'm a mid length pant fan myself)

  • bought socks that costs over $10 - FOR ONE PAIR!

  • said to myself- those 4 miles were easy.

  • ran 6 miles in 60 minutes - non stop!

it's also been a time where i feel as though i have really treated my body like something i am truly relying on. until now- i never thought of my body as something to help me in my everyday existence. but now i am constantly thinking about whether i am eating enough of the best foods (ie eat oatmeal and eggs every morning) and often enough; what sport supplement will i fuel myself with during runs; what exercises ans stretches will strengthen my core to help give my back and shoulders the most support- and so on and so forth...

i think for the first time i am giving my body the respect it deserves. that sounds funny to me - but that's the best way i can describe it.

but this saturday, halloween, i have a 5K to get some race practice in. i'm hoping to get in around 30 or less-- last 5k i ran it is 31 - so a ten minute mile pace. now that i am in better shape i think that that - plus the adrenaline will help me shave some time off. but if not - no big deal - as long as i finish- i'm ok with that.

in a book i read they talk about how it's not just about race day- but all the time spent preparing. and i can say- in a total after school special way - that i know i will look back at this time in training with a lot of pride and accomplishment.

( i must note i am expecting to have some poopy day posts- it can't all be this good).

but if homer can do it....

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