Saturday, December 12, 2009


today i ran 10 miles!!! woooo!!!

did it in about 1:42 so not toooooo shabby.. just a little over a 10 minute mile pace.
now i also learned a few good lessons along the way on this run.. and once remedied, i should be able to run a bit faster.


this i how the beginning of my ran began, trying my first GU gel. i thought orange flavor might be closer to Gatorade but i was wrong. had i adopted my next method of getting this stuff down it might have been better.

this strategy came along while running with vanilla. i would squeeze that packet (which was all nice and warm as it was stuffed in my sports bra) and then swished it around with water to get down. in this pic i did them separately. YUCK.

but whatev. i got it down. the vanilla i just "babysat" it over about 3 miles i know for sure i cannto down a whole package in one take. it's gotta go down nice a slow.

GU Part 2

If you stash Gu in your bra- make sure it is in the middle so it doesn't not stab your breast till it looks like you had some work done. when i got in the shower post run my chest was stinging so bad. i looked down and it looks like was continuously jabbed with the edge of the GU packet.. which is maybe aluminum .. but yeah OUCH.


at the end of my run my left foot was killing me. i thought i had maybe slightly fractured a bone or something.. just pain like i never had before.

when i got home i realized i ran WITH MISMATCHED SHOES!!!!

so make sure you aren't wearing your old pair- or half of one.

this is the actual course i took today. i went south instead of north on my usual Broadwalk route because it was cloudy and super windy.. so i chickened out and chose to run away from the rain and wind.

when i was getting close to home i had to circle around a bit to get to my goal of ten. i was determined to get to 10 damn miles. esp since when i was at about 4 i was hoping just for 8.

i'm already feeling it a bit in my calves. hoping i can walk tomorrow. but it was worth it!

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