Wednesday, October 7, 2009


didn't even make it 3 miles this morning.

problems-dog wants to smell and pee the whole time. also, dog refuses to run in a straight line
trash day-garbage trucks and recycle trucks coming at me like i was in a video game. in front of me, behind me, at one point they were coming at me from both directions.
yard day-thomas center doing yard work. lawn clippings blowing on my sweat body and boogery yard workers staring at me
shirt-falling off my shoulder because i cut the neck like flashdance

hope tomorrow is better.
i'll have to start coordinating my runs with trash day.

part two of this post:
a bad run in the morning can lead to general frustration throughout the day.

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  1. girl- as sheena easton would say - it aint no big thing! xoxo.