Monday, November 23, 2009

The looming 3-0

I'll be 30 soon. Real soon. 2 weeks, and a day. Last December, I made a list of To-Dos before the end of my 29s. Run a 10K (I'll check that off on Thursday), get a kitten (Pepita!) and get a(nother) tattoo. Visit Fab in Denver was on the list too. I didn't get there, due to some non-list items that happened-mainly starting Acupuncture school and my lil' sis having a baby.

This year, I'm going to make a delineated list: one year, post graduation (2 years) and five years. A biggie (after graduation and getting licensed) is to do an Ironman! This maybe the first time I've expressed this idea; its a big word to wrap my mouth around. Ironman! By 35. Sounds good.

My school work is priority right now, and while I will continue to train for shorter events, tackling an Ironman must wait a few years. AND I'll be better fit to take it on!

I'll be working on that list and post it by New Years! Happy Monday.

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