Friday, December 18, 2009

reasons to HATE the treadmill (AKA Katie takes her slacking out on the treadmill and whines

ohhh this week has been one of minor motivation. for some of the following reasons:
  1. rainy
  2. tired
  3. not wanting to get out of bed in the AM
  4. nice new distractions that running just can't compete with
i have only worked out twice this week so far. but the two that i have had were both on the treadmill for about 30 minutes each with some interval work thrown in there-- followed by some core work outs. but it is amazing what an aversion to treadmill i have developed in the last few weeks. i haaaaaaate it.

so boring. and the whole time i find myself wanting to jump off. sometimes i get a bit of a surge, but usually short lived. and this AM my ipod was not charged but luckily got it to last for 25 minutes. bleeeeeh.

the only thing that keeps me somewhat occupied is ESPN so I can catch up on all the games i am missing from not having cable.

tomorrow AM will be a long run- hopefully another 8- 10 miles.... whether permitting.

rain rain go away. i need to get my ass outside.


  1. for sure.. esp since i didn't do any long run today either... and for sure not tomorrow... woo hooo!!