Friday, December 11, 2009

the first big oooowwwwie

today i had my first - OH MY GOD I AM IN PAIN- moment during my run. i had about a mile left of my 5 mile run- and this god awful cramp/pain came 100% ...

felt like someone was stabbing my rib. i ran for as long as i could. but had to stop for about a minute or so. the pain subsided a bit and then i kept going at a slower pace.

not really sure what caused it- i did had a few nibbles of frozen banana before i left the house. but can't imagine it made my side hurt that bad. ....probably a bad side stitch....

but i do think i just CANNOT eat before a run. i need AT LEAST an hour head start with food.

i am going to try some gel/goo during my long run tomorrow. i hope it doesn't cause the same effect.


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