Tuesday, November 10, 2009

messing with my mojo

now that mindy is back it seems i am having a bit of a funk of my own. and it totally took a toll on today's work out. some funny some not so funny.

1. i wore the wrong underwear. let's just say my comfy ones don't belong running sprints on the treadmill. i could feel them slowly falling down my pants.. haha. (total learning moment)

2. the man who got on the treadmill after i started SMELLED LIKE AWFUL BO! you could tell he was the type that NEVER wore it.. and i didn't want to move because it would have messed up my whole run- and i couldn't hold my nose as i usually do in smelly situations- but at that time i really needed all my oxygen. i was PISSED -- i felt the rage like that new mexico college soccer player-- i wanted to takeTAKE HIM DOWN and tell him to TAKE A DAMN SHOWER!

3. i have my MRI today for my back. I am still getting tingly feet when I run which mostly means there is some muscle nerve issues going on. so i think i will have a new doc with some physical therapy in my future.

i just hope hope hope i am not benched for this . cause no matter how poopy i get during training i really really wanna run!

will get results on friday... keep your fingers CROSSED !


  1. This is hilarious! I LOVE my shorts with build in underwear. LOVE! Try it...

  2. they make those?!??! i am still wearing pants - even with ten pounds of weight loss i still got the riding up shorts issue up the thighs