Saturday, November 21, 2009

taking the scenic route

today i had another 8 mile run. it all went well. my calves were sore the first 15 minutes or so - but eventually went away.

there were a lot or runners out today and i had some moments of wanting to compare myself to them- their speed, pace, how much of a runner they looked like ( do i?) etc.... luckily i was able to nip that in the bud real fast as i quickly realized the only person i had to be concerned with while running was me. and so i focused on my own pace and gait- and let my brain just go. (i made britney's new song my new "powersong" on my nike fit. you can see how often i used it here. LOL.

after a run i sometimes try to remember what the hell i thought about for almost an hour and a half of running. i think it usually consist of what am i going to do after this run, i'm hungry, what will it feel like when i run 13.1 miles..... but with my new route on the hollywood broadwalk - i have a lot more people watching, the ocean, and other things to explore... which are great distractions to make time go...
  • i saw a couple getting their engagement photos taken - made me think if i ever wanted that
  • saw a prayer circle group on the beach- made me think i still am sure i don't want that
  • the smell of breakfast food from the outdoor cafes (best smell on earth)
  • realized how much i love living in hollywood
  • got annoyed when fellow runners didn't smile back at me
  • had a lil ego boost when people that i had passed before gave me a second look- yesiamstillrunning!

some views of my path (stolen from google)....

but i am still in awe of what i have accomplished so far. i am very excited for thursdays 10k with mindy. we both have been working hard and it will be nice to finally train/race together.

i may attempt to do my sunday spin class- but only if i feel my legs can handle it. the last two days have been pretty hard on my legs. but starting monday i am cutting back to be nice and rested to kick that 10ks ass... and then eatwhateveriwantonthanksgiving!

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