Friday, November 13, 2009

27 and counting

yesterday i turned 27 and never in my life have i been in such great shape. i think just aobut every year i have some goal (to be thinner, more in shape, etc....) by my birthday and never seem to really get there. but this year i can say i did. and a lot of it has to do with my training. i'm in all of my college skinny pants (wooo!), got some new abs, and can run my butt all around town with ease!

but this week was all birthday celebration and i let myself off the hook with my a lighter workout routine and also let my inner fat kid out - caaaaaaaake!

but now the party is OVER and after this weekend I am back on track for that 10k in two weeks.

but in other news my back MRI was NORMAL. i'm relieved that everything is fine. but now what? contemplating going to the sports med dr- but not looking forward to the $$$ of more medical bills.

but at least for now i can hit the road without worrying about damage.