Tuesday, December 22, 2009

in my face

this week i am back on track. monday i ran an easy 6 miles (yeah, easy!) and today i ran about 4.5. it was great, considering the week prior i ran 6 measly miles in all.

we finaly got cold weather that added a little something new to these runs. monday i guess it was about mid 50s. nice and totally tolerable.

except for my face.

when i got home from monday's hour long run i could totally feel the wind chapped skin. it was nice and red too.

before this mornings run i went to grab some of my anti-chaffing gel and smeared that stuff all over my face to give it some protection from the cold. while doing that i noticed every area of senstive skin (eyes, chin, nose) were all totally pealing from the yesterday's activities. ick.

so now i am on total moisture patrol .

but if that's my biggest complaint with all this running... i'll gladly take it.

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