Saturday, November 14, 2009

8 is great!!

after a week of birthday binge - i up early for a 6 mile run to get back on my training schedule.

this morning i took my first trip over the bridge onto the beachside and ran down the hollywood broadwalk (not boardwalk). there were tons of people out at 7am with me running, biking, walking, beaching, i felt like i had my own running group. definitley was a great motivator to have all those people around. and the view was fantastic. sun was shining and the weather was prob about 65 degrees. a-maaaaaa- zing.

but due to lack of road signs i ended up running about 8 miles in an 1 hour and 21 minutes! when i was done running my lil nike ipod thingy had a little message from lance armstrong saying "great job this is your longest work out yet" boy did i feel special... haha.. of course the damn thing didnt save to work out. go figure.

but break that down and you got about a 10 min miles pace. the best part was the when i got home i knew i could have kept on going - but my knees were starting to ask for a break. my feet did do the whole lets fall asleep thing btu after an hour it went away. so i have just have had to become mentally tough and run thru it- but i am def going to look into some support inserts for the already expensive Cadillacs i got on my feet

but now i am afraid im going to have to buy some fanny-packesque carrier for some h20 and gels now that im over an hour. totally running hotness.

santigolds "unstoppbale" came on right after my work out ended for the victory stretch.

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  1. katie the killer! i can't wait to see you at the TT! will be here so soon!!!!