Wednesday, October 7, 2009

gettin' ready

so while my official traning hasn't started yet- i have still started to hit the pavement with my new shoes. the first time out with my shoes was clearly a test drive that turned into 4 miles!

i did the same run with ease on tuesday and am feeling good. today i did my cross training with my favorite spin class that is hardcore sweating the whole time- builds great endurance and leg strength.

now i have to start getting together the things i need to start the official training- so i can do this the RIGHT and SAFE way.

right now i have:
  • my sweet new shoes.
  • padded socks
  • anti-chaffing gel (did you know guys get bloody nipples from their shirts? OUCH!)

the official training will begin when i get my:

i still need:

  • water bottle carrier
  • more socks
  • heart rate monitor (mindy i am may be buying yours!)
  • more running clothes- bras and bottoms of all synthetic material- mindy does the skirt thing - i think i am more of a pant person- and shorts with the help of that gel!

tomorrow is my day off from working out- and i am hoping for a package in the mail to start the planning!

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  1. WOOT! I need me some body glide. I'm a BG virgin.