Monday, November 23, 2009

Starting of the Bucket List

My big 3-0 is only a few days away and its got me thinking. What are my goals for the next decade? the next 5 years? the next year? My education & career is central to my plans and dreams. The rest of my plans are orbiting around acupuncture and herbs.

Here's what I'm working on:

By 31-at least 2 half marathon (Miami and maybe one in the fall) 10 minute mile (or faster!)consistently

By Graduation (January 2012)-a marathon! a century bike ride!
The century bike ride is by far more daunting than a marathon. I could run for 5 hours, but I'm not sure I could sit on a bike and pedal for that long. The right bike is a must; maybe a graduation present to myself?

By 35-IRONMAN. I really want to do an Ironman. Once I do my first marathon, I'll feel confident enough to start training. The conflict comes with the seeming opposition to my career goals. I want to focus 100% on my practice. I can't decide if training for an Ironman would be a distraction or help me push my limits & stay focused. While the next few years unfold, I'll have a better idea.

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