Tuesday, May 11, 2010

.....aaaaand i'm back

well it has been a crazy four months. after all that training for the half marathon i was only able to cheer on friends, which i was happy to do... just with some major jealous along the way. .... and when it was not getting better and dealing with terrible pain that would not go away ....i went to a sports medicin doctor and was diagnosed with runners knee and Iliotibial band syndrome. Lessons learned.. don't overdo it, stretch properly and don't slack on cross training!

But after doing all the webmd-ing and self diagnosing was glad to hear that surgery was not even in the picture..... i was sent to physical therapy where i was hanging out few times a week the elderly folk with broken hips and what not . . and we definitely had the exchange of "what are you in for?"

a favorite moment was lying on the work out platform doing leg lifts next to al, a 70+ snowbird, doing pelvic thrusts while we both lie on our back. awesome and awkward at the same time

while i expected lots of leg excercises and stretches. i did not expect to have my leg electrocuted. this method shocks your leg to contract your muscles which makes you tighten them (or it feels super weird) and as such, makes your muscles stronger...

but after months of stretching and strength training i have been running the past two months or so.... with the longest running being 4 miles or so.. along with some interval runs and spinning as well....trying not to overdo it this time and keep a nice balance in my workouts.

a friend of mine did a triathlon after doing the half marathon and LOVE it so much more. then i was able to witness one myself and instantly knew i had to find a race. and luckily i found one....

the Trek's Women Triahtlon ... it's a sprint triathlon so it is a 1/2mi Swim | 12mi Bike | 3.1mi Run. Definitely doable.

I think I got the running down.. just have to really focus on the bike and mostly the swim.

So my first step.. goggles... CHECK!

oh and did I mention it's at Disney Labor Day weekend? Good reason for a mini vacay!