Thursday, October 22, 2009

to the core

the last few weeks of "pre-training" i have noticed my abs pop just a bit. i have heard how running can get you the abs you always wanted- and now i think i'm starting to believe it.

so to continue my quest for distance- and great abs- i have been focusing my strenght training works outs on my core. to support my back/spine and rest of my body during the long runs.

my one main health concern i have during this training is my back. about 10 months ago i started to notice my feet would go numb when i would run. i thought it was shoes - but nope.

i went to my primary dr (who i did not care for) and she had an ultrasound done on my legs to check circulation. it was perfect. then she told me to go see a personal trainer. wtf?

since then every dr i have talked to has said it is probably a nerve being compressed by a disc or something like that.... i have since then made an appt with a new dr who i think will be able to help me out.

luckily it is not as bad as it once was. i think since i have been doing lots of strength training in the last 10 months my core has gotten stronger helping me keep my posture while running and possibly not causing a nerve to be pinched.

but monday's run was no fun- by mile 4 i could not feel my feet- which is really weird and just hard to keep form overall. but i think because it was post vacation (PS- i ran 8 miles in two days in cold hilly ohio!!!) i wasn't concentrating on standing upright- which i usually do.

so i have been on the hunt few good articles i found on strength training for runners. and theses in particular i came across for the core. and another here.

but i think this will help greatly- along with stretching. keep fingers crossed. i cannot imagine running 9+ miles with feet that fell like blocks of ice!


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  1. I've read MANY times that if you run as your cardio workout, you can skip on the abdominal exercises because the running does it for you---can't wait to see your abs mama!

    ps: doctors suck. i hope you find one that you feel confident about :)