Saturday, January 16, 2010

one week. two weeks.

one week

it's been one week since i have run. i am a pretty patient person - but waiting day by day for my leg to get better has been totally miserable and anxiety ridden.

i can totally feel the effects on not running. mostly physical - feeling like a blob/lethargic and not sleeping well. when i run i just get better night sleeps. i think i am so anxious about this whole thing -keeps me up at night in worry. i worry about - can i run the half? if i do run will it get re-injured? is this a long term thing? all that has been running through my head and most likely it isn't that bad...

but overall i just miss running. i was at the gym doing other workouts and i almost cried because i couldn't run on the treadmill. and i hate the treadmill. this is what it must like to be going thru drug withdrawal. just need a little fix.

but i have asked every doc i work with about my leg and they seem to think it is a muscular thing and not a ligament tear - or anything super serious. just has to heal up.

two weeks

pretty sure i can feel my leg getting better. i have done no physical activity whatsoever, taking meds around the clock, using heating pads and supplements 3 times a day. the supplements prob wont do much- but if has any placebo effect- i'll take that too.

if i can get back to running by next weekend i think ill be ok. not concerned about losing any endurance. just need to get back into it with 2-3 short runs before the big one.

just keep those fingers crossed.

two weeks to go.