Saturday, January 9, 2010

call me 10Katie and brrrrrrrrrrr

holy cow. this is what i woke up to getting ready this AMs 10k race:

i wasn't even sure if i was going to run, but since it was near my house i decided to check it out. when i got there there was a good amount of folks there. so what the hell.

within 10 minutes of getting there i knew i would be running a very long 6 miles. it was. my feet were soaked, my hands were frozen, but eventually i just went numb. there were about 50 people running and about half that in volunteers cheering us on which really helped.

there were a few people that were running ahead of me that i targeted as my 'people i am going to pass.' and i totally did. (booya)

i also had ipod issues, so i have two different runs recorded. the first half i ran 3.48 with a 9.29 mi and the second half ran 3.14 mi on with a pace of 8'59"/mi .... i think i finished around 1:10 or so... my slowest time for sure.. but i couldn't feel my hands (must by running gloves!) , wet cold shoes/feet. wow.

my hands were so numb - that i had to ask someone to unzip the pocket on my pants to get my key out. most of my fingers were non functioning.... i sat in the car for ten minutes to warm my hands up before driving home. ..... i now know what is like to to not have non-opposable thumbs.

overall i'm glad i did it. a good challenge and i got that damn pancake.

next weekend i will have one more long run and then the tapering will begin..... 22 days to go!

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