Friday, January 8, 2010

cold run = warm pancakes

this week i have been taking it easy.

i did an almost 11 mile run last week and it seems that i did not stretch enough afterward. my ITB band --mostly on my knew ---has been bugging me so i have been resting up, downing the anti-inflammatory meds, and stretching.

along with a slight injury it has gotten super cold here (50s in the AM) .... so the runs have been a little challenging... i did nice and easy runs on monday and wednesday and completely covered my face in my anti-chafing gel so i my face wouldn't get entirely chapped.

but i have a 10k tomorrow am. i think i will be much better. but now the temp is supposed to start to DROP tonight and will be in the low 50s and raining when we are scheduled to start. awesome.

but they are going to have miami dolphin players at the race..... and my biggest motivator, free pancakes made by some top chef contestant. mmmmm pancakes!

23 days till 13.1 . . . .

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